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The firm started in the residential mortgage space with Dominion Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation.  Over the years this fund has provided consistent returns to more than a thousand shareholders. Due to the increasingly tightening of underwriting by the conventional banks there is a niche for residential-focused non-prime mortgage funds. Initially launched as AP Capital REIT in 2015, the company was renamed Dominion REIT in 2021.


The partners started Dominion REIT in 2004 due to the lack of opportunities for individual investors to invest in institutional grade investment product in the private real estate market.​



Steve Froese

Director of Capital

Director of Dominion REIT. In addition, Steve provides leadership for his Froese Family portfolio of companies and assets which has diversified holdings that include real estate, mortgages, jet fuel, food quota and farming. 

Steve has been general contractor or developer for residential and commercial projects in Western Canada and the USA, he owns and manages commercial mortgage portfolios. He is a part owner in a manufacturing company; co-founder and partner in Dominion Properties; owns poultry farms in Western Canada and is one of the principals of Flight Fuels LP. 

Steve brings wisdom for providing strategies intended to mitigate risk for long term capital preservation while seeking inflection points for potential returns. His history of diversified transactions includes the many hats he has worn; buyer, seller, financier, developer and restructuring specialist for turn around and capital recovery on distressed assets.

Steve grew up on his parents farm where he did chores at dawn before school and on weekends after homework. He is a licensed helicopter pilot but on days that he is not in the pilot seat you might find Steve decanting a souvenir from one of the world’s finer wineries.

Steve can be contacted via email at – or by phone at 780.221.2582.


Roy Wiebe

Director of Growth

Director of Dominion REIT. Roy has over 20 years of business ownership and management experience ranging from agriculture, real estate and the oil service industry.

Roy has 15 years experience in the operations and ongoing management of commercial and residential real estate. Roy specializes in streamlining operations in the business, reducing expenses and driving more revenue to the bottom line. In 2012, through diligent management, he was able to substantially increase the Net Operating Income of a 15.5M acquisition by 250% in less than 3 years and subsequently position the asset for sale. He continues to manage and grow his personal portfolio of owned and co-owned properties in many segments of the real estate market in both the United States and Western Canada.

Roy can be contacted via email at – or by phone at 480.406.3479.

Steve + Dan
Lindsay + Eric

Lindsay Van Cauwenbergh

Senior Business Administrator

Senior Business Administrator of Dominion REIT. In addition, Lindsay leads administration for several companies and assets in the Froese Family Portfolio. 

Lindsay is based in Edmonton Alberta with a dynamic range of duties including: bookkeeping, file management, contractor procurement and acting as liaison with legal counsel, auditing firms and regulatory bodies. Lindsay has worked in the real estate and private market investment industry since 2008, in 2013 she was an administrator with a private capital fund where Steve Froese was a principal, subsequently she took on a full time position reporting directly to Steve in 2020.

Lindsay was born in Manitoba and has lived in most of the provinces across Canada. She enjoys travel for work and pleasure, reading and getting outdoors with her dog. When she is done with her workday organizing corporate matters for the Froese Family Portfolio you might find her fine tuning the organization of cupboards at home.

Lindsay can be contacted via email at – or by phone at 604.259.2520.


Eric Hansen

Independent Advisor

Eric Hansen develops communications and strategic plans for the Dominion portfolio. He was a Canada Games and Varsity athlete, he left post secondary schooling early to play professional volleyball in Europe.

Eric owned a marketing company which he sold to join the high-tech firm Next Click as VP of Business Development. With offices in Calgary & New York, he designed and executed strategic partnerships while co-founding a Boston-based advocacy group, The Personalization Consortium, which consulted the FTC on privacy issues and was covered by the Wall Street Journal (Asia),, and The New York Times. Eric lived in New York to work in mergers and acquisitions for a high-tech company owned by the Bulgerhoni family. In 2002, he joined VOXCOM Security Systems as National Marketing Manager. During this time, VOXCOM was independently ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada.


Since 2005, Eric has focused on the private capital markets. He has designed strategies in a range of sectors for award winning companies. He has served on corporate and non-profit boards and led corporate finance teams to collaborate with CEOs on alternatives to grow assets and mitigate risk.

When Eric is not tending to corporate strategy for the Dominion Portfolio you may find him reading his creative writing at an open mic, doing yoga or in the kitchen making soup that feels like home.

Eric can be contacted via email at

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